It Arrived!

frontcoverOn the first of May, after a very long gestation, lets be honest this baby’s been brewing for about 5 years, a kind UPS man arrived with a parcel and out popped MY BOOK!

I’ve been pouring over these images and tweaking the words for literally years, so I’ve grown a little bored of them to be honest. I also got to point where I wasn’t sure if it was any good. But to see and hold an actual book with printed paper and my name on the cover was very exciting. I was also nicely surprised that I liked it. Obviously I know how it ends, and you could never really call it a pot boiler, but I was happy with how the last page made me feel as a reader. I think the feeling is “Ahh, how sweet”. That’s my hope anyway. If you’re interested in buying a copy it’s available at amazon.


dodgy pic of me. I was very excited.


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