Self Promotion makes me feel icky

I have been toying with the idea of having a book launch. I’ve even enquired about renting a room in my local community centre, but I think I’ve decided (such decisiveness!) in having a party at my brother’s house. They just finished a big fancy extension and are eager to show it off. Plus his wife, my sister-in-law, is the best party planner ever. My other reason has to do with my insecurities about my possible lack of sales. You see, my brother’s birthday is in June, so maybe if it doesn’t go very well we could just pretend it was my bro’s birthday party, and if people don’t show up it’ll be because they don’t like him. Or maybe we should plan it as his actually party and when all his friends arrive we can guilt them into parting with €10 for a signed copy. Whatever the final plan, there will be cake.


alien eating cake, reading my book

In other interesting self-promoting news, here is the rest of my marketing plan. I’m going very gently into this. My confidence isn’t great. The last 9 years, I’ve been creative in a completely different way. Creating babies and creating a home for these little strangers is amazing. It’s by far my favourite job. I get told I’m lovely and get hugs constantly, but I also get told I don’t have a clue while eyes are rolling (seriously she started that age 6, is that normal?). Maybe this will help me with coping with my mixed reviews. That is if I ever get any reviews. The first thing I’m doing with regard to marketing is sending good reviewers my book. Finding good reviews who will review a self-published book is hard. All the fancy professional blogs with tons of readers have a policy page explaining how they don’t take self-published authors.  Plus my book is a children’s illustrated book, which restricts it even more. But with any luck we should have a few reviews by the end of the summer, and then I imagine there will be cake too, if the reviews are good.


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