Fame at last

I had the opportunity to read to the rest of the junior infant classes in St Colmcille’s Junior Nation School today. I’ve heard rumours that it is the biggest nation school in Ireland, or the world or something. What it means for me is that there are 8 classes to read to. I was in with Ms Copland a couple of weeks ago and so I had 7 classes today, which meant I was wrecked afterwards (teachers are amazing). They were all  equally cute as Ms Copland’s class and were hilariously easy to distract.

“Hi, My name is Sinéad.”
“My Fairy Godmother, lives in London and she’s called Sinéad.” (I promise you that this is a direct quote)
“I went to London.”
“I’m going to Spain on my holiday.” etc etc.

One little girl told me my book was lovely, and then a few hours later, while picking my son up from school she came up to me and said hi. So basically, I’m famous with 200 five year olds. Yaaaaah!


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