It hasn’t escaped me that I have an unusual name. Before meeting Mr Poz, I was the very boring and everyday Sinéad Connolly. Maybe you know me from school? That probably wasn’t me though because there are a lot of Sinéad Connollys out there. I love being a Connolly and wasn’t sure that I would change my name when I got married but when I met Mr Poz I decided that I would take Poznanski, because seriously, it’s such a cool name. In case you were wondering where he got his name, Mr Poz is French with a Polish great great grandfather. (And in case you were wondering further if it’s terribly exciting being married to a French man, it is.)

For one brief month in 2012 everybody in Ireland knew how to pronounce our family name. Remember Euro 2012? Do you remember the city Ireland were in for the qualifiers? That’s right POZNAN! Poznan-ski means (so I’m told, my Polish is pretty rusty) man of Poznan. If we were really Polish I’d be Poznanska, because I am a lady. But since that football tournament finished up, nobody remembers, and nobody can pronounce it again. FYI Mr Poz’s first name is Guillaume…. hands up who can pronounce that?

It has advantages though. I’m really un-famous, something that I’m absolutly fine with except that I want to sell books that have my name on them. But if you google Sinead Poznanski, All you get is me! I realised this advantage while reading Catherine Ryan Howard’s Blog post How to make Google your friend. She explains how she is actually known as Catherine Howard, but popped her mum’s maiden name in the middle so that when people google her, they get her and not one of King Henry the eighth’s wives.


The other advantage is that Sinéad Poznanski sounds like she should be illustrating children’s books doesn’t she? Thank you Jan Pienkowski. (His Christmas Book is amazing)


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