Thanks to Jo Ann Hakola, the Book faerie for reviewing my book. Here’s a little bit.

Does your child like to go home from a play day?  Or does he or she ask to stay longer or go somewhere else?  This little girl has a lot of ideas! This a cute whimsical book that has verses in rhyme about places this young one would like to visit.  For example, why not dance to Paris?  Or they could go to sea and be pirates. How good an imagination does your child have?  If you two read this aloud, see what places they’d like to go and teach them how to rhyme at the same time.  I like books that encourage imagination and dreams.  This one fits the bill.

You can check out her website here. frontcover



So, after much debate, we are going to have 2 launch parties. One at my brother’s house for family and close friends on June 20th at 6pm. And another in the community centre in Knocklyon on Monday June 22nd at …. let’s say 7:30 (I only have it slightly booked, I still have to pay for it) . That one will hopefully be for school friends, neighbours and people who like cake, did I mention there will be cake?

I’m looking forward to reading it for my audience (please show up audience), as my last experience with junior infants was so lovely.

I ordered a large amount of books today which made me very nervous, Mr Poznanski  was even more nervous, here’s what we sent to createspace today.

I was surprised too, but they wouldn’t accept my credit card

Fun Stuff

Star Trek Infographic

We all know Riker got up to all sorts of shenanigans on the Enterprise, but what about the rest of the crew? worf-01

And you thought I was just binge watching Star Trek The Next Generation for fun.

Zombie A-Z

Just an idea I’m working on



The Class was so boring, even the teacher fell asleep.


Back to school

August wasn’t very productive, but in my defense we were on a 3 and half week holiday in France… poor me.

September came and the 2 big sprogs went back to school and the youngest sprog started preschool. I’ve engaged with my muse once more.

Here’s my boy. Don’t worry, I’m not sitting at home pining for my little man. I’m actually starting a new story and I thought it would be fun for one of the characters to look like my little buddy. 

The story takes place in a class room, so I have to create a good number of kids, 6 characters play a big part, plus background classmate, a teacher and some monkeys. I had 2 characters in my last book, so characters designs before I start this one will be important.

I don’t want to go home

“One last swing”, said Mum
“We’ve all had lots of fun”
The little girl cried with a moan
“But I don’t want to go home.


“Instead of home let’s stay
and play in the park all day,
Catching butterflies in a net
I don’t want to go home yet.

“Or we could do a silly dance
all the way to France,
When we’re done, I’ll give a bow,
I don’t want to go home now.

“How about we go to the sea,
pirates we will be,
buried treasure we will get,
I don’t want to go home yet.

“What about going into space?
Strange aliens we would face,
where cats say moo and cows say meow,
I don’t want to go home now.

“Maybe on a boat we could hop,
I don’t want today to stop”
The little girl yawned and with a quite moan
she said, “I don’t want to go home.”


It hasn’t escaped me that I have an unusual name. Before meeting Mr Poz, I was the very boring and everyday Sinéad Connolly. Maybe you know me from school? That probably wasn’t me though because there are a lot of Sinéad Connollys out there. I love being a Connolly and wasn’t sure that I would change my name when I got married but when I met Mr Poz I decided that I would take Poznanski, because seriously, it’s such a cool name. In case you were wondering where he got his name, Mr Poz is French with a Polish great great grandfather. (And in case you were wondering further if it’s terribly exciting being married to a French man, it is.)

For one brief month in 2012 everybody in Ireland knew how to pronounce our family name. Remember Euro 2012? Do you remember the city Ireland were in for the qualifiers? That’s right POZNAN! Poznan-ski means (so I’m told, my Polish is pretty rusty) man of Poznan. If we were really Polish I’d be Poznanska, because I am a lady. But since that football tournament finished up, nobody remembers, and nobody can pronounce it again. FYI Mr Poz’s first name is Guillaume…. hands up who can pronounce that?

It has advantages though. I’m really un-famous, something that I’m absolutly fine with except that I want to sell books that have my name on them. But if you google Sinead Poznanski, All you get is me! I realised this advantage while reading Catherine Ryan Howard’s Blog post How to make Google your friend. She explains how she is actually known as Catherine Howard, but popped her mum’s maiden name in the middle so that when people google her, they get her and not one of King Henry the eighth’s wives.


The other advantage is that Sinéad Poznanski sounds like she should be illustrating children’s books doesn’t she? Thank you Jan Pienkowski. (His Christmas Book is amazing)

Fame at last

I had the opportunity to read to the rest of the junior infant classes in St Colmcille’s Junior Nation School today. I’ve heard rumours that it is the biggest nation school in Ireland, or the world or something. What it means for me is that there are 8 classes to read to. I was in with Ms Copland a couple of weeks ago and so I had 7 classes today, which meant I was wrecked afterwards (teachers are amazing). They were all  equally cute as Ms Copland’s class and were hilariously easy to distract.

“Hi, My name is Sinéad.”
“My Fairy Godmother, lives in London and she’s called Sinéad.” (I promise you that this is a direct quote)
“I went to London.”
“I’m going to Spain on my holiday.” etc etc.

One little girl told me my book was lovely, and then a few hours later, while picking my son up from school she came up to me and said hi. So basically, I’m famous with 200 five year olds. Yaaaaah!