Thanks to Jo Ann Hakola, the Book faerie for reviewing my book. Here's a little bit. Does your child like to go home from a play day?  Or does he or she ask to stay longer or go somewhere else?  This little girl has a lot of ideas! This a cute whimsical book that has … Continue reading Review



So, after much debate, we are going to have 2 launch parties. One at my brother's house for family and close friends on June 20th at 6pm. And another in the community centre in Knocklyon on Monday June 22nd at .... let's say 7:30 (I only have it slightly booked, I still have to pay for … Continue reading Parties

Fun Stuff

Star Trek Infographic We all know Riker got up to all sorts of shenanigans on the Enterprise, but what about the rest of the crew? And you thought I was just binge watching Star Trek The Next Generation for fun. Zombie A-Z Just an idea I'm working on Boringology The Class was so boring, even … Continue reading Fun Stuff